Paizo Publishing has announced a quartet of major releases in 2014, three for its category-topping Pathfinder Role-Playing Game and one for its Pathfinder Battles Miniatures Game.  Slated to debut in February will be the first in a monthly series of archeologically-themed Pathfinder Adventure Paths, The Mummy’s Mask (MSRP $22.99), which casts its heroes as tomb raiders and explorers who delve into ancient realms in order to find some way to thwart the designs of an ancient Pharaoh, who has returned to life.
In March of 2014 Paizo plans to release the Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Gods (MSRP $39.99), a deluxe 300-page hardcover that examines the gods and goddesses of Golarion’s Inner Sea region.  It includes new prestige classes, subdomains, and spells, plus new traits, feats, and magic items—everything needed to unlock the powers of the gods for characters of every class.
Next comes the Pathfinder Strategy Guide, a 128-page hardcover filled with useful advice to create and advance characters, plus an in-depth examination of the Pathfinder rules that will provide players with valuable tips to help their characters survive the rigors of the Pathfinder RPG.  The Pathfinder Strategy Guide (MSRP $29.99) ships to retail in April.
Finally in October of 2014 comes Pathfinder Battles Legends of Golarion, a new collection of 55 pre-painted miniatures from Paizo and WizKids Games.  This set features all-new sculpts based on the gorgeous art commissioned by Paizo for its Pathfinder RPG with figures drawn from more than five years of Pathfinder RPG releases.
Previously Paizo announced this year’s Pathfinder Battles release (see "'Pathfinder Battles: Undead Horde'") and the Pathfinder RPG: Bestiary 4 (see "More Monsters for 'Pathfinder'").