Sabertooth Games, a subsidiary of Games Workshop, announced today that it has acquired the license to create a collectible card game based on Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming EverQuest II massively multiplayer online role-playing game.  Sabertooth's new CCG is tentatively entitled Guild Wars and it will allow fans of EverQuest and the upcoming EverQuest II to experience the fantasy world of Norrath in a brand new way.  Players will take on the role of prominent guilds battling for prestige on a 'server.' The Guild Wars CCG will be released a month before the launch of EverQuest II (due out in fourth quarter of 2003) allowing players a sneak peek at the content of the highly anticipated MMORPG sequel.


EverQuest is the dominant brand in the world of massively multi-player online role-playing games, with a far larger and more dedicated audience than any other MMORPG has been able to build. In fact EverQuest's hold on its participants is so strong that its detractors have labeled the game 'EverCrack.'  Sabertooth is hoping that EverQuest fans can be enticed to transfer some of that passion to the world of collectible card games.  White Wolf is publishing the Everquest RPG (see 'White Wolf To PUblish Everquest RPG').