Plaid Hat Games announced today that it will co-publish game designer Rob Daviau’s next game, SeaFall, in conjunction with Daviau’s IronWall Games.  Details are still sparse, but the company confirmed that SeaFall will be for 3 -5 players, and is planned for a Q3 2014 release.
SeaFall is "A Legacy Game," according to the announcement, with similarities to the style of Risk Legacy, but "without being tied to the Risk license and gameplay engine."

SeaFall is from board game design veteran Daviau, who spent 14 years working for Hasbro, leaving his imprint on games like Risk Legacy, Heroscape, Star Wars: Epic Duels, and Betrayal at House on the Hill.  Daviau recently left his job at Hasbro to form IronWall and is teaming up with Plaid Hat to release his new game.
The game is a "medium-heavy weight gamer's hobby game with original game play systems," the announcement said, with four gameplay components (explore, expand, exploit and exterminate).  It is set in the age of sailing exploration (in a world not unlike our own), where civilization is just leaving a dark age and begun to rediscover seafaring technology.  Players represent major empire powers who consult advisors to discover new islands, explore them, develop trade, raid other explorers, wage naval battles and more.  Like Risk Legacy, gameplay evolves as players progress, with the game remembering their histories and grudges, and swinging the narrative as players open up the world.