We spoke to WizKids CEO Justin Ziran at Toy Fair, who explained the company’s upcoming releases based on Dungeons and Dragons (see "WizKids Creating 'D&D' Miniatures").  "There are actually two lines in the works right now," Ziran said.  "There is the RPG collectibles, the accessory line, which very much looks like D&D Miniatures, with no game.  And then there’s a game called Attack Wing: Dungeons and Dragons." 

Some of the same figures will actually be used in both games, debuting at different points in time, sometimes in one line, sometimes in the other.  "We’re reserving the ability to move them back and forth between the lines to have a more vibrant game, and as game play dictates," Ziran told us.  "The difference is the base, and when you buy them the price point will be slightly different because with the Attack Wing: D&D you get a pile of cards, a pile of game tokens, a lot of the stuff that goes with it (for game play), that obviously has cost to it."

The first products released will be for the Dungeons and Dragons accessory line, and they will be sold in a Starters and Boosters configuration, with blind packaging on the boosters.  The Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Heroes Starters will include six pre-painted figures for $19.99 MSRP, shipping in July.

Following in August will be the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Miniatures: Set One Boosters, which will each draw four from around 50 miniatures inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons universe, including humans, elves, dwarves, halfings, orcs, goblins, and more.  They’ll be sold in WizKids’ usual brick configuration as well.
Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons  will ship in "late Autumn," according to Ziran, and like the company’s Star Trek Attack Wing, will feature the FlightPath engine developed by Fantasy Flight Games for its Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game (see "'Star Trek Attack Wing'"). 

UPDATE -WizKids has posted solicitation information for the Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Sets, which lists October 1 as the release date.  The starters will contain three pre-pained plastic dragons with base and pegs, three maneuver dials, cards and tokens, with a tentative MSRP of $39.99. Wave One Expansion Packs, eight in all, will also be available, sold individually for $14.99. Wave Two Expansion Packs, three in all, will tentatively be available December 3, also with MSRP of $14.99.

"It will follow the formats that we’ve defined with Star Trek Attack Wing, except this will be dogfighting dragons," Ziran said.  "And the new twist on this is ok, you have dogfighting dragons, but what about ground troops?  And so now you’re going to have giants, and ballistas, and magic users fighting the dragons up above and the dragons raining fire down on the guys on the ground.  It’s a very interesting take."

The product configuration will be the same template and SKU configuration as Star Trek Attack Wing, which is a box set with visible contents, and visible boosters.