Sales into U.S. distribution of CoolMiniOrNot’s Zombicide, the coop zombie-fighting board game with miniatures that shipped in September of 2012 (see "'Zombicide' Out This Month"), have reached 60,000 copies, CMON Director of Sales Derek Osborne told ICv2.  That’s over 10 times the number that were sold through the Kickstarter that launched the game, which had 5,258 backers.

This is a robust demonstration of CMON’s Kickstarter-to-trade model, which company co-founder David Doust explained to ICv2 last year (see "CoolminiOrNot's Kickstarter-to-Trade Model").  "When we do a Kickstarter, normally we get about five to six thousand backers," he said.  "That couldn’t possibly be the whole population.  That’s a very small sub-group.  So, maybe in your store you have the alpha-gamer who bought into our Kickstarter, but he will also bring that game into the store.  That becomes the store salesman to sell the store more games.  So this is just marketing for us. Our end goal is to have our games in the stores."

The Zombicide family of games was the #10 board game in the hobby channel in the Fall/Holiday season last year (see "Top 10 Board Games--Fall 2013").