In early 2015 Privateer Press plans to ratchet-up the level of violence in its fantasy RPGs with the launch Iron Kingdoms Unleashed, a self-contained, hyper-aggressive role-playing game that is set in the wilds of western Immoren (Immoren is the continent that is the setting for Privateer’s Iron Kingdoms RPG as well as its Warmachine and HORDES miniature games).  Iron Kingdoms Unleashed will be both a complete game unto itself and fully compatible with the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game, though Unleashed will have sharper, more feral edge to it.
Iron Kingdoms Unleashed will offer players a wide range choices for their fantasy surrogates ranging from Trolls, to Farrow, Gatormen, Bog Trogs, Pygmy Trolls, Nyss, humans, Warlocks, Tharn Ravengers, and more.  Careers open to players include (among others) Mistspeaker, Bokar, Bonegrinders, and Monsterhunter.   In addition to a large number of playable characters, Iron Kingdoms Unleashed will also include a wide range of monsters for players to do battle with in this extremely aggressive fantasy RPG in which bloody encounters look like they will be extremely frequent.  Over 100 pages of the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Core Rulebook, which is due out in early 2015 and contains all the elements necessary to play, will be devoted to detailing the powers, habits, and occasional weaknesses of the game’s many monsters.
The recently announced Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy: Monsternomicon supplement for the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy RPG, which is due out in September, and which contains vital information on 40 different monsters (see "'Monsternomicon' for 'Iron Kingdoms'"), will be fully compatible with the new Iron Kingdoms Unleashed RPG.