At the recently concluded Gen Con in Indianapolis, North American gamers got their first look at Myths & Legends, an extremely popular collectible card game produced in Chile by Salo.  Myths & Legends uses cultural traditions and mythic elements from all over the globe to create a card game that is more popular in parts of South America than either Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: The Gathering.  Beginning in 2000 with its first release, Challenge, Myths & Legends has been augmented twice a year with expansions that cover vampirism and lycanthropy (Gothic World), pre-Columbian mythology (Nahual's Wrath), Norse mythology (Ragnarok), and Chinese and Japanese legends (Dragon's Spirit). 


With a history of success in South America behind it, Myths & Legends is now about to enter the North American arena with Brotherhood, which was launched in South America in 2002 and includes elements from all the previous Myths & Legends releases.  Taking full advantage of inexpensive high quality printing in South America, Myths & Legends will have a clear price advantage over its more famous North American competitors.  Each of the four pre-constructed decks, which contain a complete set of rules, will retail for $7, while the 11-card booster packs will have a retail of $2.  In spite of the low retails, retailers will receive standard discounts on both starters and boosters.