The Valar Project, Inc. is requesting that all distributors and retailers who have copies of the 32-page Book Of Erotic Fantasy Preview immediately remove them from distribution.  Valar wants distributors and retailers to either destroy the Previews (and certify the destruction to Valar), or return them to Valar Project for destruction.  The reason for the recall is Valar's decision to forgo using the d20 trademark on its Book Of Erotic Fantasy.  Wizards of the Coast's incorporation of 'decency standards' into its d20 trademark license led Valar to drop the d20 trademark while still producing the book under the less restrictive Open Gaming License (see 'Valar Project Eschews d20'). The Gen Con Preview of the Book Of Erotic Fantasy was produced before WotC issued its revised standards, at a time when Valar was still planning to use the d20 trademark on the BOEF.


In addition to the recall of the Gen Con Preview, Valar also announced a delay in the publication of the Book Of Erotic Fantasy. Valar cited the 'necessary changes' to fit the new licensing situation as the reason behind a delay in the publication of the Book Of Erotic Fantasy, which was originally scheduled for October, but which will now be released in November.