United Playtest, Inc. is launching a bi-monthly game magazine based on the d20 universal roleplaying system.  The first issue of the 64-page magazine will be published in December, but a 12-20 page preview will be distributed free at Gen Con.  The magazine will include reviews of d20 products, plus short adventures and previews of d20 products.  Robert Williams of United Playtest told ICv2 that the new magazine would most likely be known as Gaming Frontier.


The d20 roleplaying system is the basis for the latest incarnation of Dungeons and Dragons.  Wizards of the Coast, which owns the rights to the d20 system has made it available to other companies, a move that will gradually bring more continuity of play to the world of roleplaying games.    Numerous companies have adopted the d20 system for at least a portion of their line including Sovereign Stone (see 'Sovereign Stone Adopts d20 Rules'), White Wolf (see 'White Wolf To Publish Ravenloft'), Alderac Entertainment Group, Atlas, Green Ronin, Fantasy Flight, and Fiery Dragon Productions.  Corsair Publications has also announced another d20 magazine (see 'Corsair to Publish d20 Magazine').  Although recent reports have indicated some softening of sales on new d20 products (which have been white-hot up to this point), it's likely that this has as much to do with the proliferation of such products as it does with any change in the actual demand.  Whether the interest will support two magazines remains to be seen.