UK-based RPG publisher Mongoose Publishing has announced the acquisition of the rights to West End's fondly remembered tabletop roleplaying game Paranoia.  Originally published oh so appropriately in 1984, Paranoia sold more than 200,000 copies worldwide and retains a strong following despite having been out of print for nearly a decade.  Mongoose's new edition of the game, which will be known as Paranoia XP, will be written by game designers Allen Varney and Aaron Allston with the participation of Paranoia's original co-designer Greg Costikyan.


Set in an underground city known as Alpha Complex, Paranoia depicts an Orwellian world, a totalitarian society controlled by an all-powerful computer  ('The Computer is your friend.').  Mongoose's new Paranoia XP will update the original game's fear of technology to include today's techno-dilemmas including attempts to control IP, police the Internet and suppress dissent.  Mongoose's Paranoia XP is due out this August.  Price and full details are forthcoming.