A Paid Advertisement.  In stores in April, the Exalted Players Guide is a new core release for White Wolf's hit game of epic fantasy and high action.  Flavored with equal parts high-octane fantasy and manga-influenced action, Exalted has been a great hit, creating an avid fan base among gamers.  The Exalted Players Guide taps directly into that fan-support by providing a wide variety of new character choices and rules expansions aimed squarely at the players' needs.  From martial arts, to epic combat, to mortal sorcery, the Exalted Players Guide is a high-value toolkit for your customers. (WW8804; ISBN 1-58846-673-6; MSRP $29.99 US)


The cover of the player's guide is another reward for Exalted players.  Art Director Brian Glass and the talented UDON ran a contest with Exalted fans to get their characters on the cover.  The results are a stunning full figure piece of the winner's character and a full background panorama of the finalists' characters.


Exalted Players Guide

In May, Exalted's new line of mass-market paperbacks novels kicks off with Carl Bowen's Exalted: A Day Dark As Night (WW10065; ISBN 1-58846-859-3; MSRP $6.99 US).  Focusing on fan-favorite Exalted 'cover-girl' Harmonious Jade, it is a dramatic, high-action story featuring locations and events that fans will recognize from the RPG.  The new fiction line is made up of novels each able to be read alone or as part of an evolving story line and continues in August with David Niall Wilson's Exalted: Relic of the Dawn (WW10066; ISBN 1-58846-860-7; MSRP $6.99 US).


Exalted continues its expansion later this fall with the Exalted Trading Card Game and an Exalted console video game (currently under development by Interplay and Black Isle Studios).