Darwin Project, a French company, plans to launch Lotus Noir, an English adaptation of a French magazine, in the U.S. in October.  The French version is on its 75th issue.  A monthly frequency is planned. Distribution will be through Alliance and Diamond, as well as through a newsstand distributor to be selected (with an anticipated newsstand distribution of around 50,000 copies). 


The editorial focus is on collectible games (CCGs and CMGs).  Sidebars carry background info related to the primary articles, including glossaries of new or potentially unfamiliar terms.  A price guide for Magic is also included in the first issue, featuring not only prices, but also deck-building attributes for the cards.    


Initial marketing has centered around free distribution of 40,000 copies of issue #00, including 27,000 to Gencon attendees, one to each Diamond and Alliance customer, and through other cons.