Uberplay has announced that it is cutting prices on two segments of its product line effective immediately. 


Uberplay is ending its relationship with Queen Games, so prices on that line are going to be cut to move out the inventory over the holiday season.  Alhambra, the 2003 German Game of the Year, and Metro are both being cut from $34.95 retail to $24.95.


The prices of the Uberplay Small Box Games are also being cut.  We asked Uberplay VP Marketing Matt Molen why the company is cutting prices on that line.  'The small box games pricing is simply a reaction to feedback from distributors and retailers about the price of the games and what they are hearing from their customers,' he said.  Spy, Saga, Oh Pharaoh, and Manga Manga are all being reduced from $16.95 to $12.95 MSRP.