Avalon Hill has announced its 2005 product line-up, which includes a new printing of Richard (Magic:  The Gathering) Garfield's RoboRally. 


First up is Sword and Skull, a pirate adventure game for three to four players aged ten and up.  It's slated for release in March.


Avalon Hill's Monsters Ravage America has been revamped and will be released as Monsters Menace America in April.  Based on a B-movie theme, players control both the monsters threatening North American cities and the military units fighting them.   


Nexus Ops, planned for June, features classic war game mechanics and a sci-fi storyline in which corporate armies battle on a distant, resource-rich planet.  The company plans high quality art and game piece design for this release. 


A new printing of RoboRally, the battling robot game designed by Richard Garfield, will be released in July. 


Budding Steve Wynns will compete to build the best casino with limited resources in Vegas Showdown, which will be released this fall.


And new printings of two classic Avalon Hill card games, Guillotine and The Great Dalmuti, will be released in the late spring and early summer.