The 2004 Origins Awards were announced at Origins Game Expo in Columbus, Ohio last weekend, and although there were still plenty of wins by larger companies, there were also a lot of wins by companies at the smaller end of the spectrum.  Perhaps most notable in that regard, in a year that saw numerous well-financed introductions, the largest game category in dollars (Best CCG) was won by Z-Man Games for Seven Masters vs. the Underworld.


The Origins Awards represent a marketing opportunity by providing a list of games that come highly recommended by the creators' peers; and with this year's mix of winners, they provide the opportunity to expose consumers to a whole new range of manufacturers and products. 


Best Board Game

Days of Wonder

Ticket to Ride


Best Miniatures Game

Ad Astra Games

Attack Vector:  Tactical


Best Miniature Line

Dark Sword Miniatures, Inc. 

Elmore Dragons


Best Collectible Card Game

Z-Man Games, Inc. 

Seven Masters vs. the Underworld


Best Traditional Card Game

Atlas Games

Cthulhu 500


Best Role Playing Game

Atlas Games

Ars Magica:  5th Edition


Best Role Playing Game Supplement

Wizards of the Coast

Eberron Campaign Setting


Best Play-By-Mail Game

Enlightened Age Entertainment

Fall of Rome


Best Historical Board Game

Sword of Rome


Best Historical Miniatures Line

Brigade Games

WWI:  Western Front 28 mm


Best Historical Miniatures Game

Clash of Arms Games

Dawn of the Rising Sun:

The Russo Japanese War 1904-1905


Best Fiction Publication

Guardians of Order

Path of the Bold


Best Non-Fiction Publication

Steve Jackson Games

Pyramid Magazine


Best Game Accessory

Steve Jackson Games

Cardboard Heroes Castles


Vanguard Award

All Wound Up

Twilight Creations, Inc.


Flames of War



Fire as She Bears! 2.1

Starboard Tack Press


Pirates of the Spanish Main

WizKids, Inc


Gamers' Choice Award


Harlequin Games


Desert Rats - British in the Desert



Axis and Allies D-Day

Avalon Hill


A Call to Arms (Babylon 5)

Mongoose Publishing


VS System

Marvel Origins and X-Men VS The Brotherhood

The Upper Deck Entertainment


Cthulhu 500

Atlas Games


World of Darkness Storytelling System Rulebook

White Wolf


Betrayal at House on the Hill

Avalon Hill