Sir Mantraplay Productions is preparing the first edition of its Stoked! Trading Card Game for an October release.  The first edition of the Stoked! TCG is entitled Skateboarding Must Die! and was produced in collaboration with Birdhouse Skateboards (Tony Hawk's company) and specifically with 2 of Birdhouse's top pro skaters, Brian Sumner and Willy Santos.  In addition to its easy-to-play gaming system, this TCG should have appeal based on its unmatched command of skateboarding lingo.


The first edition of Stoked! will be released in two parts -- Part One (126 cards) takes place in the dark, sultry land of Vegalas where gangsters, tourists and the horrific Vegalas Police Department do everything in their power to destroy skateboarding forever, while Part Two (118 cards) takes place in Socalia during clear sunny days and hot summer nights that are constantly interrupted by explosions and anti-skater mobs.  Both parts of the first edition will be released simultaneously on October 1.


The Stoked! TCG game is easy to play and infinitely customizable.  There are no starters or boosters just Stoked! Tuck Boxes (MSRP $3.99), which come packed 18 to a Display Box.  Each Tuck Box contains 14 random game cards, 2 cash cards, 1 random rare Birdhouse card, 1 random kicker (small coin shaped object), 1 instruction sheet, 1 random mini-poster, and one stoke ladder (to keep track of how 'stoked' you are).