Wizards of the Coast has begun offering mobile services for Magic:  The Gathering, including wallpapers and tournament notifications, through communication services provider Proteus.  The initial roll-out includes 28 Magic images as wallpaper, including images from Ravnica, 9th Edition, Kamigawa, and classic images from the last five years.  The service will also make available early images from Guildpact, the next Magic expansion, a month before release of the product.  The service is currently available to subscribers of ATT Wireless, Cingular, Sprint, and Verizon.


Other services in the initial roll-out include the ability for organized play participants to receive text message updates on major tournament events; players pre-registered for Grand Prix events will be able to receive info on their table and pairings at the event. 


According to Wizards of the Coast assistant Magic brand manager Jake Theis, the company is also interested in developing a store and tournament locator technology that would enable users to find a nearby store that sells Magic:  The Gathering or local organized play events using the phone's GPS technology and a roster of stores that buy from or run organized play events through WotC. 


The services are being developed as 'equal parts revenue stream and promotional tool,' according to Theis.  'This is another way to make the brand part of everyday life,' he said.