The Anime News Network is reporting that Pokemon U.S.A. will assume control over all Pokemon licensing in the U.S. and North America starting on January 1.  4Kids Entertainment has had a share of Pokemon licensing and has produced the American versions of the various Pokemon  anime TV series, but starting in January Pokemon U.S.A. will assume all licensing duties for Pokemon and will also produce the English language version of the next Pokemon anime slated for release in North America, Pokemon: Battle Frontier.


Pokemon U.S.A. recently announced that it would take over the consumer marketing and distribution chores for the Pokemon CCG (see 'Pokemon USA in Charge').  Three years ago Pokemon U.S.A. and Nintendo took over the management of the Pokemon CCG from Wizards of the Coast.  While the Pokemon property is no longer enjoying the epic success it achieved in the late 90s, the Pokemon CCG remains the fourth most popular Collectible Card Game as ranked by ICv2 in the latest issue of the Retailers Guide to Games.