The Topps Company, Inc. reported financial results for its fiscal 2006 4th quarter, which ended on February 25th, as well as for the full year.  Net sales for the 4th quarter declined slightly from $68 million in fiscal 2005 to $67.5 million.  For the full fiscal year net sales were $293.8 million compared with $294.2 million for the previous year.  Weaker foreign currencies played a role in the lower sales results, but the main culprit was Entertainment sales (Topps' Confectionary sales were virtually unchanged), which declined 1.2%.  Topps cited a decline in sales at WizKids, which 'reflected industry-wide softness in the gaming category and lower sales of Pirates constructible strategy games,' and lower demand in Europe for Topps sport publishing products.


The bright spot in the Entertainment segment was U.S. sports cards sales, which benefited from the new agreement with the Major League Baseball Player's Association and Major League Baseball Properties under which Topps (and Upper Deck, the only other remaining licensee) have reduced product proliferation and increased marketing; and the success of several U.S. non-sports cards initiatives, namely Wacky Packages and the Lord of the Rings Trading Cards.