Wizards of the Coast, a division of Hasbro, has announced the resolution of a lawsuit filed on January 19th against Daron Rutter, a psychiatric nurse and Magic the Gathering fan who posted unauthorized images of unreleased MTG prototypes, which were being play-tested.  Rutter, who posted under the name rancored_elf and was a Global Moderator on the MTG Salvation Website, claimed that he didn't know whether the card images he had been sent were real or fake and he posted them to gauge the reaction from the MTG community.


WotC, which does support fan sites by releasing authorized card previews and images, reacted fiercely to the unauthorized posting of the play-test cards, claiming, 'Unauthorized spoiler information weakens the play experience for players....'  WotC reportedly sought $90,000 in damages plus legal fees from Rutter, but ended up settling the suit amicably.  WotC was able to make its point (and 'to identify the source of this and other leaks') and Daron Rutter was able to avoid financial ruin. 


Rutter will continue to act as a moderator on the MTG Salvation sight, but in a posting he noted 'I'm not interested in hearing any information about Wizards' products that aren't publicly available.'