The third annual Worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day is scheduled for November 4th with over 800 retailers in a dozen different countries expected to participate.  The two previous Worldwide D&D Game Days have generated a significant amount of mainstream publicity for the world's oldest and still most popular role-playing game (see 'Dungeons & Dragons Day November 5th').


Retailers can sign up to participate in the Worldwide D&D Game Day via the Wizards of the Coast Website and they will receive a kit that includes promotional materials (a full color poster, 100 full color fliers, and 5 full color table tent signs), event execution materials (enough bags of dice, miniatures, stat cards, maps, scenarios, pre-generated character sheets, and instructional booklets for five groups to play simultaneously) and event prize support (30 RPGA Campaign Cards and 30 Promo Miniatures with Stat Cards for use as participant giveaways).


The First Annual D&D Fan Film Contest will be held at the as-yet-undetermined Hollywood California site of the Worldwide D&D Game Day festivities.