Pat Fuge of Gnome Games in Green Bay, WI saw the announcement about Hidden City's mass-market only release of the Bella Sara CCG (see ''Bella Sara CCG' Goes Mass Market') and comments on the company's decision:


It continually amazes me when hobby game manufacturers complain openly about not getting more women and girls into hobby gaming but then release everything that may remotely be interesting to the target pre-teen female customer exclusively to mass market.  When will they wake up and realize that these consumers are more shopping savvy than most of the core gaming market and will travel to where the things they want most are sold?  Give us the opportunity to sell your products and let us decide if we want to carry them. 


Hidden City Games Bella Sara CCG hits the horses for girls demographic.  In some markets that's going to be a very solid seller -- probably much better than the sales that Clout has experienced.  These guys are supposed to be 'leaders' in the industry and I've seen some of their staff at the seminars over the past few years where hobby store owners have asked for games that appeal to girls and women.  They must have been sleeping because they send Bella Sara; their first new line that might appeal to the preteen female customer base, exclusively to mass market.  They do this without giving hobby a shot at it through distribution.  Thanks guys for giving us the opportunity to decide whether or not to carry the product.  It shows me just how much you really care about the hobby side of life.


They'll make a buck and hobby game stores will stand by and watch as another manufacturer fails to come through with a product line that might bring a different customer demographic to our door.  Thanks Hidden City -- for nothing except the same old horse apples.


If there is ever going to be any change at all in the hobby gaming customer demographic it has to start with the manufacturers providing solid products that appeal to the target female demographic.  Otherwise these customers have no reason to visit a hobby game store other than to buy games like Magic for their boyfriends and little brothers.  But that's why we sell out of Nintendogs every time we get them in...


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