Pokemon U.S.A. is planning a spring 2007 release in the U.S. for the Pokemon Trading Figure Game.  With nearly 500 different Pokemon characters created in the four generations (and counting) of the long-lived multi-media Pokemon phenomenon, the property is obviously ideally configured for a CMG.  Pokemon U.S.A. designed the Pokemon Trading Figure Game, which debuted in Australia in August of 2006.  The figures, which were crafted by the talented artisans at the Japanese toy company Kaiyodo, are somewhat larger than in most CMGs and are highly detailed.  Game play, which depends on a combination of luck and strategy, is largely controlled by a spin mechanism on the figures and is relatively simple and easy to learn.


Next Quest is the name of the first series to be released. It consists of 42 figures with four different levels of rarity designated by markings on the base of the figures.  A white star indicates a figure is 'super rare,' a black star means 'rare,' a diamond denotes 'uncommon,' and a circle designates 'common.'



Two 4-figure Starter Sets (MSRP $14.99 each) will be available.  The Flamethrower Starter Set includes Trainer Red, Charizard, Treeco, and Meowth, while the Riptide Starter Set contains Trainer Brendan, Pikachu, Murkrow, and Feraligator. The Starter Sets come with a rule book, 3 trainer cards, a play area, and a collector's sheet.


Pokemon Trading Figure: Next Quest Booster Packs will have an MSRP of $7.99.