Eden Studios has announced an agreement for the company to design, produce, and distribute an RPG based on Twentieth Century Fox property Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Eden's agreement is actually with Donruss Playoff LP, which produces the Buffy CCG under its Score brand (see 'Score Back to Press on Buffy CCG'), and which is presumably sublicensing the property to Eden. 


Score 'Head of Gaming' Chaz Elliott explained the choice of Eden.  'We are very impressed with Eden's previous game offerings,' he said.  A company that designs games around aliens, witches, and zombies seemed like a perfect fit for a game about vampire slayers.'


The first Eden Buffy product will be a core rulebook, which is scheduled for release in late summer 2002.  Subsequent products will include the Slayer's Handbook, Monster Smackdown, Welcome to Sunnydale, and other supplements. 


The game will use a special version of the Unisystem, Eden's in-house RPG rules.  Unisystem rules are also used in other Eden products All Flesh Must Be Eaten, CJ Parella's Witchcraft, and Armageddon.  Eden's Buffy game will be written by C.J. Parella, who also wrote Eden games Witchcraft,and Armageddon, and created the Unisystem game mechanics.