Canadian animation studio Cookie Jar Entertainment has sold its 26-episode Magi-Nation cartoon series to the Kids' WB.  No word on when exactly the new series will debut, though at this point the fall of 2007 appears most likely.  A note on the now dormant Magi-Nation CCG Website (maintained by publisher Interactive Imagination) indicates that 'the CCG will be re-launched at the time the new series is aired domestically.'


Created by designer Phil Tavel and previewed at GenCon 2000, the Magi-Nation Duel CCG featured anime-like artwork and Magic-the-Gathering type mechanics.  Launched in the twilight era of Pokemon's highest popularity, the Magi-Nation CCG was designed to capture the interest of Pokemon players who 'outgrew' the Pokemon CCG.  In addition to the 190-card original set released in October of 2000 Interactive Imagination issued four expansions, the last of which came out in November of 2002.