'Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild' Continues to Sell Over 100,000 Per Month
April 16, 2019
The bestselling kids graphic novel of the year continued to sell over 100,000 copies per month in March.
It Took a While for the Netflix Effect to Fully Kick In
April 15, 2019
One big takeaway from the actual March numbers was that the effect of the Netflix series on Umbrella Academy sales took a while to kick in.
2019 GAMA Trade Show White Paper Presentation - Audio and Deck
March 29, 2019
The audio and deck for Milton Griepp's 2019 GAMA Trade Show presentation.
Lackluster Sales in a Dreary Month
March 19, 2019
Sales were lower in all three categories of the Top 20 Manga, Author, and Superhero Graphic Novels in the book channel.
Games, Funko, Slow-Cookers in Branded Displays
March 18, 2019
We found a presence for games, Funko, and some surprising licensed products, including slow-cookers.
Weaker at the Top, Stronger Down Below
March 18, 2019
While overall sales of the Top 20 were down in February, sales were stronger on the non- Dog Man books.
Sales Tick Down in a Top-Heavy Month
March 15, 2019
The actual numbers give us more insight into the Top 20 Adult Graphic Novels in the book channel.
As 'Amazon Games' Pull Back
March 11, 2019
Part of the reason for the focus on evergreens was the dearth of excitement around most new releases.
Strong Holiday Season for RPGs
March 8, 2019
Between celebrity involvement, media depictions, and streaming play, Dungeons & Dragons is now commonplace in pop culture.
A Solution to Too Many Titles
March 7, 2019
The holiday season of 2018 may have been when publishers and the trade took a big step forward in addressing the proliferation of titles.
As Side Games Take Hold
March 6, 2019
Games Workshop ruled the miniatures category for Fall, as its strategy of expanding universes with side games took hold.
Pressure on Category as New Games Launch
March 5, 2019
The key feature of the Fall market for collectible game products in the hobby was that only some things were working.