Kiosk Allows In-Store Orders from Warehouse
May 16, 2019
We visited the Noble Knight Games retail store in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, a new 5,500 square foot space divided roughly evenly between play space and sales floor.
Strength at the Top
May 16, 2019
Powered by The Umbrella Academy, Author titles were the only graphic novel group with a dollar increase in the Top 20 in April.
'Dog Man' Levels Off
May 15, 2019
As always, the numbers add nuance to the Top 20 Kids Graphic Novels in the book channel.
Top 20 Sales Up or Down, Depending on Your Point of View
May 13, 2019
Were April sales of the Top 20 Adult Graphic Novels in the book channel up or down? It depends on your point of view.
Collectible Games Decline, Especially at Mass, Pulls Down Category
April 22, 2019
The decline was driven by a 14% decline in collectible games, which was the only down category of five.
Expanded DC Program Up Front, Collectibles Display in Entertainment Department
April 18, 2019
Comics and merch displays were expanded but the graphic novel SKU count seemed lower.
Top Author Title Outsells Top Manga, Superhero Volumes
April 17, 2019
The #1 Author title sold more than the leading titles in other categories, but from #3 on down, Manga titles sold the most.
'Bakugan' Joins the Mix
April 16, 2019
One change in games space was the half-bay or more devoted to Bakugan in the toy section.
'Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild' Continues to Sell Over 100,000 Per Month
April 16, 2019
The bestselling kids graphic novel of the year continued to sell over 100,000 copies per month in March.
It Took a While for the Netflix Effect to Fully Kick In
April 15, 2019
One big takeaway from the actual March numbers was that the effect of the Netflix series on Umbrella Academy sales took a while to kick in.
2019 GAMA Trade Show White Paper Presentation - Audio and Deck
March 29, 2019
The audio and deck for Milton Griepp's 2019 GAMA Trade Show presentation.
Lackluster Sales in a Dreary Month
March 19, 2019
Sales were lower in all three categories of the Top 20 Manga, Author, and Superhero Graphic Novels in the book channel.