November 22, 2022; Homer Glen, IL
November 25, 2022
ICv2 visited the Meijer Supercenter store at 14169 S Bell Road, Homer Glen, Illinois 60491 on Tuesday November 22, 2022.
After Strong Summer, Early Fall
November 21, 2022
Holiday game sales look promising, according to our interviews with retailers and distributors, after a strong summer and early fall.
Featuring Studio Ghibli Merch Displays, Less Funko Pop! Figures
November 15, 2022
ICv2 visited BoxLunch mall store in Orland Square Mall at 236 Orland Square, Space # B10 Orland Park, IL 60462 on November 3, 2022.
FYE Makes a Major Pivot Away from Packaged Media
November 10, 2022
FYE has made a major pivot away from packaged media and toward games, manga, and merch.
Blockbusters Ain't What They Used to Be
November 7, 2022
Sales of new volumes of hit series aren't hitting their previous heights.
Sales Drop… Again
November 7, 2022
It's becoming a trend: Year over year sales of the Top 20 Kids graphic novels are dropping.
More Graphic Novels, Lots of Manga, and Less Collectible Merch
November 7, 2022
We visited the mid-sized Target store and found more graphic novels, lots of manga, and less collectible merch compared to our last channel check at this store.
'Lore Olympus' Sales Decay
November 4, 2022
Sales of new Lore Olympus volumes have been decaying as the volume numbers go up, according to sales on the chart of the Top 20 Adult Graphic Novels.
Broad Selection of Hobby, Family, Kids, Collectible Titles
November 3, 2022
We found a broad selection for every audience, including hobby, family, kids, and collectible titles.
Walmart's Into Webtoon Collections and Manga
October 24, 2022
We found America's largest retailer invested in the latest graphic novel trends, including webtoon collections and manga.
From the ICv2 Insider Talks at NYCC
October 20, 2022
At the ICv2 Insider Talks, ICv2's Milton Griepp presented a white paper with the charts and graphs that show the big impacts of Covid, plus recent info on what’s happening now.
Holes in TCGs, Inexpensive Games
October 20, 2022
We found continuing inventory holes in TCGs, and now in inexpensive games.