Readers Snap Up New Volumes of 'Saga' and 'My Hero Academia'
November 6, 2018
Unit sales of manga are just about twice those of superhero comics at the top and the bottom of the chart.
Latest 'Saga,' 'My Hero Academia' Volumes Down from Previous Volumes
November 4, 2018
Neither of October's top two releases sold as well as previous volumes in the series.
Pro-Only Market Analysis
November 4, 2018
Several new properties made their way onto the chart for Summer.
Pro-Only Market Analysis
November 4, 2018
Properties new to the chart since Spring included Noelle Stevenson's Nimona, perhaps getting a boost from Stevenson's higher visibility as showrunner for She-Ra.
Pro-Only Market Analysis
November 1, 2018
Dark Nights debuted at #3, behind three volumes that launched strong in June and continued to sell through the season.
Pro-Only Market Analysis
November 1, 2018
After steadily moving up the chart (and releasing more volumes), My Hero Academia was the top manga property, with a heat we haven’t seen since the early days of Naruto.
Pro-Only Market Analysis
November 1, 2018
The Adventure Zone , tied to a long-running podcast in which three brothers play Dungeons & Dragons with their father, hit the Author chart at #1.
'Dog Man' Is Eating Everyone Else's Lunch
October 18, 2018
Dog Man is hotter than ever, according to the top 20 kids' graphic novels based on NPD BookScan data.
Hot Properties Start to Cool Down a Bit
October 17, 2018
Even in a down month, manga sold rings around superheroes.
Even When 'The Walking Dead' Wins, It Loses
October 16, 2018
Sales of the latest volume of The Walking Dead displayed the dual nature of The Walking Dead property in Fall 2018.
Games Display Expands; Marvel & DC Merch Replaced!
September 30, 2018
We visited the medium-sized Target store at 5301 Lien Rd. in Madison, Wisconsin on Monday (explaining the thin stock in some displays), September 24, 2018.
Volatility at the Top, but Slow and Steady in the Middle
September 11, 2018
My Hero Academia is becoming a phenomenon.