Game sales in hobby stores were up from 5 to 10% in 2009 despite hte worst economy in generations, according to a report in the new issue of Internal Correspondence (#70).  The growth was driven by a huge resurgence in Magic:  The Gathering Sales and by board game sales up by double digit percentages.  Yu-Gi-Oh! and the return of HeroClix also helped support improved sales.  Non-collectible miniature sales were down a little, and RPG sales were down around 10% in 2009. 


Reports in the issue also cover the new environment at mass, in which Magic: The Gathering is a major player, the specific market trends of Q4, along with the Top Properties for four types of games for the period.  We also contrast and compare the three comebacks that drove sales in 2009—Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and HeroClix. 


For the lists of the bestselling Collectible Games in the hobby channel, in the mass channel, and over-all, click here.


For the bestselling board, card, and family games in the hobby channel, click here.


For the bestselling RPGs in the hobby market, click here.


For the bestselling non-collectible miniature games in the hobby channel, click here.


Our Pick Hits, the game titles we believe have the best chance for success in Q2, top off the issue. 


For information on how to get Internal Correspondence #70, see "ICv2 Releases Internal Correspondence."