Websites, Order Processes Affected
November 8, 2021
Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors were hit by a ransomware attack on Friday, which took down their websites and other functions.
News from Funko Q3 Report and Conference Call
November 5, 2021
Funko dropped some important news in its quarterly earnings report and conference call on Thursday.
Unclaimed Items Will Be Destroyed
November 4, 2021
If no one claims the items, the police will have to destroy them, per department policy.
Creative Capital/Skoll Fund and Kodansha Pledge to Back Projects
November 3, 2021
The first supporters to step forward are the newly formed Creative Capital/Skoll Fund and the Japanese publisher Kodansha.
Column by Steve Bennett
November 3, 2021
This week, columnist Steve Bennett takes a look at the comic box as the perfect gift item for hard-core comic fans.
Use Expanding to New Categories
November 3, 2021
The use of bots that can buy out scarce products from online retailers faster than any human is expanding to new categories, including collectibles.
Says Would Give PRH 'Unprecedented Control' Over Book Biz
November 3, 2021
"If the world's largest book publisher is permitted to acquire one of its biggest rivals, it will have unprecedented control over this important industry."
Disney+ Series Starts Late This Month
November 1, 2021
Disney+ has released the first trailer for the new Star Wars series The Book of Boba Fett.
Saturday, Final Gallery
October 28, 2021
The story of Wizard World Chicago 2021 in pictures concludes with more photos from the Saturday.
Friday & Saturday
October 28, 2021
Here's the story of Wizard World Chicago 2021 in pictures, kicking off with photos from Friday and Saturday.
October 28, 2021
We continue our story of Wizard World Chicago 2021 in pictures with more photos taken on Saturday.