Toycom continues its popular Hellsing line with two new figures that will be out in October, just in time for Halloween.  One of the figures is a variant Arucard featuring a new head sculpt of the rogue vampire who is the ultimate weapon of the shadowy Hellsing Organization, which protects ordinary mortals from the undead legions.  The second figure is the warrior priest Anderson.  Each of the 7' tall figures sports seven points of articulation in the neck, shoulders, elbows, and waists.  Best of all each figure comes packaged in an appropriately themed 'coffin' blisterpack.  The msrp for each figure is $14.99.



Pioneer Animation has four Hellsing DVDs and two Hellsing soundtrack CDs available at the present time.  The horror genre, and in particular the vampire subgenre, is one that anime directors, thanks to their more adult approach to animation, usually get right, and Hellsing is one of the best examples of what is a very strong genre in anime.