At Friday's Marvel Press Conference concerning 1602 (see '1602 Unveiled -- Marvel Heroes In Tights Of A Different Sort'), Neil Gaiman was asked if the profits from this series would go to Marvels and Miracles LLC., the company Gaiman set up to fund his battle with Todd McFarlane for the rights to Miracleman, as previously announced (see 'Marvel Snags Neil Gaiman').  Gaiman replied firmly, 'That's still the case,' and refused to comment on the case further, except to say that it has gotten 'very odd,' with McFarlane appealing the verdict in spite of losing on every count (see 'Gaiman Sweep').  Gaiman did, however, comment on the Miracleman statue issued by McFarlane (see 'McFarlane To Offer Miracleman Statue'), which Gaiman termed 'astonishingly ugly!'  He continued to berate the McFarlane Miracleman figure, which McFarlane is going to issue in a PVC version at San Diego, with a reference to underground comix hero, Harold Hedd, 'What we've actually done is, Marvels and Miracles has licensed Miracleman to Randy Bowen on the basis that I really like Randy's stuff -- he did all the nicest Sandman statues -- so he's going to be doing a Miracleman statue.  Mainly just to go, 'No no no, Miracleman doesn't look like that.  He doesn't clench!'  The Todd one is terribly clenched.'