Toy manufacturer NECA has announced that it will be producing action figures, busts, statues and prop replicas based on Quentin Tarentino's Kill Bill.  The first installment of Tarentino's two-part revenge epic opens nationwide on October 10.  The second half of the film is currently slated to debut on February 20, 2004.  NECA's Kill Bill figures should ship to retail sometime in the spring of 2004.  Anyone who attended the Kill Bill 'panel' at this year's San Diego Comic Con will attest to the enormous enthusiasm displayed by the thousands of fans present at the event.  While the films are not yet rated, the over-the-top violence is sure to earn at least an 'R,' which means NECA's toys are clearly aimed at collectors -- and independent pop culture retailers could face little or no competition from the big mass market discounters on this line.  We want our Uma Thurman figures now!


NECA has also announced the early 2004 release of a 7' scale Freddy vs. Jason 2-pack, which will come packaged with its own diorama base.  The figures can be posed separately or their bases can be joined for a simulation of the big face-off.  Kyle 'Tankman' Windrix is sculpting the two figures.  Images and pricing details should be available by Halloween.