ADV Toys has announced four Cosplay Caps -- a novel new form of headgear featuring designs based on anime characters from Excel Saga, Kaleido Star and Peacemaker.  The Cosplay Caps have an SRP of $14.99 and will be available in time to help anime fans deal with the rigors of winter weather. 


Two of the new designs come from the Excel Saga, which provides both the ultra-cute and potentially edible canine Menchi cap and the even cuter Puchuu hat, based on those devious little critters from outer space, who came to Earth with dreams of global conquest. 


Nearly matching the Excel Saga entries in cuteness is a cap based on Jonathan, the baby seal from Kaleido Star, the only sort of baby seal headgear that is politically correct to wear in public. 


As for anime fans who are not feeling particularly cute or Disneyesque--ADV Toys has the proper headwear for those who want to put out the 'Don't mess with me' message--a cap based on Saizo the angry pig from Peacemaker.