ICv2 has learned that ADV will take over sales, marketing, and distribution functions for all Geneon titles effective October 1st.  Geneon will continue to license and produce anime content for the North American market; the changes will affect only how the products reach the market.  The notice that went out to retailers made the point.  'This change will in no way impact the availability of current or future Geneon titles 'in the pipeline,'' it said.


The extensive Geneon catalogue will continue to be available through ADV, making a formidable combined title roster from the two companies.


The business impacts at both companies seem positive (although there are displaced Geneon employees who do not share in the benefits).  Geneon rids itself of a sales, marketing, and distribution function that is servicing much lower volume than it did in the days when Geneon was distributing Viz (Pokemon) and Bandai titles.  ADV gains the economies of scale of servicing larger volume on a similar expense base.