The Anime News Network is reporting that G.D.H., the parent company of the Gonzo anime studio, has requested that up to 50 of its approximately 200 employees choose to retire voluntarily in order to help the company become profitable again.  Those who choose to retire by January 31st will receive a severance package equivalent to one month’s compensation.  Earlier this month Gonzo announced that it was reducing its anime output by half in 2009 (see “Gonzo Reducing Output in 2009”).


According to the Anime News Network Gonzo cited declining DVD sales as the primary reason behind the corporate belt-tightening that includes reductions in the salaries of top executives and the trimming of several executive positions as well.  In September the financially-ailing G.D.H. accepted a takeover bid from the Iwakaze Capital investment firm (see “Gonzo Parent Accepts Take-Over Offer”).