The ABC Family Channel, which recently added the Beyblade anime series to its lineup (see 'Beyblade Anime To Debut On ABC Family'), is adding another anime to its Saturday and Sunday morning schedule.  The new series is Shinzo, not Slayers as was widely and erroneously reported earlier this month.  Shinzo was originally slated to debut on Fox Kids (see 'Fox Kids Adds Two New Anime Series For Fall'), so it's only fitting that it appear on the ABC Family Channel, which was once the Fox Family Channel back in the days when Fox was attempting to mount a serious campaign to gain more young viewers.  Shinzo debuts on the ABC Family Channel on Saturday, July 6 at 7:30 a.m. (ET &PT), and will also air on Sunday morning at the same time.


Shinzo is set in the future at a time when genetically engineered aliens (known as Enterrans) have taken over the Earth completely.  Only one human remains alive, and she has just awakened from a 500-year hyber-sleep.  Yakumo, the young protagonist must search out the mysterious Shinzo, the place that hold the key to the survival of mankind.   Shinzo only has a special vehicle left for her by her father and a couple of misfit alien friends as she starts on her near impossible quest.  Toei Animation, which is responsible for the hugely popular Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z anime sagas, is the studio that produced Shinzo, which, just by itself, is a guarantee of a certain level of quality.