Wizards of the Coast has revealed the details of the third set in the Magic the Gathering:  Zendikar block.  Rise of the Eldrazi, a 248-card set, will be released on April 23rd.  Online previews will begin on April 5th; pre-release events will be held on April 17-18; launch parties will be held on April 23-25. 


Design team: 

Brian Tinsman (lead)

Aaron Forsythe

Graeme Hopkins

Gregory Marques

Bill McQuillian

Devin Low


Development team:

Matt Place (lead)

Mark Globus

Erik Lauer

Gregory Marques

Mark Rosewater


Although Rise of the Eldrazi is part of the Zendikar block and will be part of Zendikar Block Constructed, it’s a large set and will be drafted on its own.