Thursday’s show brought out the costumed characters, and although we didn’t have a lot of time on the floor, we did have time to snap a few photos.

What Comic-Con would be complete without a few slave girl Leia’s?

A trio of Star Trek fans.

A promotion for Flogos, which is a promotional tool that allows marketers to float foam logos thousands of feet in the air.

The Baby Tattoo Books booth, where we once again got one of our favorite items from the show this year:  this time, a “Misfits” version of their new book, Art-Toys.  The hardcover book, a collection of photographs of designer toys in staged settings by Brian McCarty, was available in three versions:  the regular version at $40, the signed version (by the artists that created the toys) for $100, and the “Misfits” version, also for $100.  For the “Misfits” version, the publisher took damaged copies and in addition to having the artists autograph it also had one of the artists involved do a sketch on one of the covers, turning it from something to be remaindered to something to be collected.  We got a copy with a scratch on the cover and a Gary Basemen sketch.  Genius.

From Fooly Cooly.

A Comic-Con mash-up:  Punisher and Lara Croft at the Stan Winston booth.  Why?  Because it was there.

Just another Poison Ivy.

Futurama characters in the house.

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