Mongoose Publishing, a leading British publisher of roleplaying games, has acquired the license to produce an RPG based on Robert E. Howard's Conan.  Mongoose will have access to the entire Conan universe including the original Robert E. Howard novels as well as subsequent Conan books by other authors, plus the film adaptations and even the Conan comics.  Ian Sturrock, the author of Mongoose's popular Slaine RPG, will handle the design of the new Conan RPG.

In addition to the Slaine RPG, Mongoose has also published a popular Judge Dredd RPG (see 'Judge Dredd d20 RPG Due In April'), and is also preparing a new d20 Mecha RPG (see 'Mongoose To Publish d20 RPG').  Mongoose obtained the Conan license from the Swedish company Paradox Entertainment (see 'Conan Has A New Owner').  Dark Horse plans to publish a new Conan comic series starting in mid-2003 (see 'Dark Horse To Publish Conan Comic').  A big budget Conan film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in the works for some time, though it currently appears to be on the rocks (see 'Conan Movie Falling Apart?').