FUNimation, the production-distribution house responsible for the success of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z in the U.S., has acquired the rights to some Sakura Wars OVAs including the three-episode Ecole de Paris.  It is still assessing the best way to present the Sakura Wars OVAs that it has acquired.  Release plans and additional information should be available in the coming weeks.
ADV Films has released the 25-episode Sakura Wars TV series here in the States, and plans to release a collection of all ten of its Sakura Wars OVA episodes in May, including Sakura Wars, Sakura Wars:  Return of the Spirit Warriors, and Sakura Wars:  Wedding Bells
Based on a videogame first developed for the Sega Saturn platform (and hugely popular in Japan), the Sakura Wars is set in the 1920s and involves some extremely cool 'steam-punk' robots.  Both the game and the anime series are characterized by superb attention to details of the 1920s period setting.