Twentieth Century Fox announced today that the long-rumored Elektra spin-off from the popular Daredevil film was indeed happening.  Jennifer Garner, who starred as Elektra in the recently released Daredevil film, will portray the sexy martial arts maven in the new Elektra film.  She may also reprise her role as the Frank Miller-created sexy assassin in the Daredevil sequel, which Fox has recently greenlit in response to the powerful box office performance of the first Daredevil movie.  Work on the screenplay for the new Elektra film is already underway, but the studio declined to say whether Daredevil 2 or Elektra would be released first.  Whichever comes first there are now two more Marvel-based movies in the pipe -- and both of them stand an excellent chance of actually being produced.

It's been a good week for Jennifer Garner, who has come along way from TV's Felicity and Dude, Where's My Car?  In addition to snaring the title role in the Elektra film, Garner's ABC TV series Alias was renewed for another season.  With Alias trading cards available from Inkworks (complete with signed Jennifer Garner chase cards), and Toycom's Alias action figures on the way, retailers will soon have numerous ways (in addition to all the DD stuff) to profit off the sizzling performances of a very hot actress.