ADV Films has announced a June release for Voices of a Distant Star, a groundbreaking anime release created almost single-handedly by animation prodigy Makoto Shinkai.  The 30-minute film features a spectacular blend of traditional cel animation and computer techniques.  A surprisingly sophisticated tale of two lovers torn apart by the tides of war and millions of miles of interstellar space, Voices of a Distant Star won its creator the 'Most Valuable Newcomer Award' at last year's Tokyo Anime Fair.  The fact that the film was written, directed, and animated by Shinkai, using only a Macintosh G4/400 computer and assorted consumer and professional level animation programs is simply stunning considering the final result.  Shinkai did everything on this film except create the music (composed by Tenmon) and provide all the voices. What one otaku can do with his trusty Mac is truly amazing.  Will this be the future of anime as personal computers become more and more powerful?  Find out for yourself on June 10, when ADV releases Voices of a Distant Star on DVD (srp $19.95).