X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer is the target of a new lawsuit alleging sexual assault of a teen boy in London after the premiere of Superman Returns, according to the Daily Beast.  The new suit is filed by attorney Jeff Herman, who also filed the suit on behalf of Michael Egan a couple of weeks ago (see "Sexual Abust Lawsuit Targets 'X-Men' Director").  The new suit alleges the British teen was contacted when he was 14 by Broadway producer Gary Goddard, who eventually brought the then 17-year-old to a party following the premiere in London, where Singer sexually assaulted him.  The case, filed in a U.S. federal court, alleges that Goddard and Singer colluded to engage in an act of "gender violence" against the teen.  

Attorneys for Singer and Goddard have vehemently denied the allegations, according to Buzzfeed

Singer has pulled out of publicity for X-Men: Days of Future Past (see "Singer Won't Do Publicity for 'Days of Future Past'").