Privateer Press announced its first Iron Kingdoms board game and a new wave of Warmachine Colossal models at its annual Keynote Presentation this weekend.

The Undercity: An Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game is planned for fall release.  The cooperative dungeon crawl for 2-4 players is set in the vast underground labyrinth beneath the city of Corvis, where players take the roles of various members of the Black City Irregulars and adventure through seven campaigns to gain experience and level up their player characters.  The game will include almost 40 miniatures (16 different sculpts).  Each of the four heroes will have a unique feat deck which has special abilities for use through the game.  Experience points can be spent to buy new special ability cards as the heroes level up throughout the game.  MSRP and specific release date were not announced.

Sepulcher Colossal
The new 120 mm-based
Colossal miniature models for Warmachine were also announced.  This is the second wave of colossal warjacks which debuted in 2012.  The releases will include the Hurricane, Revelator, Victor, Sepulcher, and Helios. Most of the new colossal minis will appear in the Warmachine: Reckoning expansion book which will also be released this year.

The new Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game will launch this spring (see "'Iron Kingdoms Unleashed' Corebook Scheduled").