At Toy Fair, ICv2 spoke with Japanime Games’ Organized Play Manager Richard Gain for updates on Krosmaster: Season 3, and plans for the release of Tanto Cuore: Oktoberfest.

Krosmaster: Season 3 booster packs for the Krosmaster Arena miniatures game will be released this spring.  "We’ll have a prerelease near the end of March for Premiere retailers," Gain said.  "General release will be mid-April."  The Season 3 miniatures have an island theme, and will feature the undead Piwates, the savage Kanniballs, the brutal Minotors, and the dragon-tastic Dreggons.  The blind booster 12-pack display will have a MSRP of $8.00/pack.

The prerelease will also be the premiere of the new
Black & Gold Tournament Kit.  "It will include tokens for our Season 2 and Season 3 miniatures, as well as terrain for the new map boards that are coming out," Gain said.  The kit will include 4 sets each of the new black and gold dice, 8 Young Ogrist promo figures, 2 Arthur Bine promo figures, and 2 King Yugo promo figures.

"We also plan a retailer contest," Gain said.  "The store that does the best retailer display or decorates their store will win an exclusive (1 of 1000) Krosmaster resin board as a prize."  More details will be forthcoming.

Wakfu, The Animated Series began streaming on Netflix last fall.  The two-season, 52-episode anime is based on the Wakfu online game as well as the Krosmasters Arena miniatures game.  "We have a set of miniatures of all six main characters from the show," Gain said.  The Krosmaster Arena: Brotherhood of the Tofu Expansion Pack was released in December (see "'Krosmaster Arena' Winter Releases").

Also planned for April release is Japanime’s deck-building card game
Tanto Cuore: Oktoberfest (see "'Tanto Cuore: Oktoberfest Edition'").  The release will coincide with the new second edition printing of other Tanto Cuore sets, which will include larger text.  "We’ll be doing special restock kits for retailers," said Gain. "It will include promo cards and playmats.  Retailers will have to contact Japanime directly for that package."