The webcomic M.F.K., by Nilah Magruder, has won the first ever Dwayne McDuffie Award, as announced Saturday evening at Long Beach Comics Expo.  M.F.K. would have to be described a dark horse:  it beat out the bestselling Ms. Marvel from Marvel, The Shadow Hero by the award-winning Gene Luen Yang, and the new look at Shaft from Dynamite (see "Finalists for First Dwayne McDuffie Award Announced").  From what we can see, M.F.K. creator Magruder has had almost no published comic work, and M.F.K. has existed only online except, perhaps, for a limited edition of the first story arc (or at least, there’s a cover for such a thing on her site, reproduced here).

Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity Director Matt Wayne described the work.  "Nilah Magruder’s M.F.K. is a great read," he said.  "Nilah created an incredibly engaging post-apocalyptic fantasy world peopled with a broad array of characters.  In terms of both excellence and inclusiveness, this is just the sort of comic the Award was created for."

Magruder seemed a little overwhelmed by the award.  "I was utterly unprepared for the amount of celebration, love and support I’ve received," she posted on her blog Sunday night.