Sales by Games Workshop stores in North America declined in the company’s half year ended November 30, "due to the extensive restructuring that took place over the past year," the company said in its report.  Overall sales through its own stores were down 9.7%, with UK increases insufficient to offset what must have been substantial declines in North America and Continental Europe.

Sales to independent retailers in North America were up in the same period, along with Australia and the UK, but larger declines in "non-strategic accounts and magazine sales" took the overall sales to the channel down 5.1%.  Games Workshop has reformatted White Dwarf into a shorter, weekly publication from its old monthly format.

Overall sales for the company were down 6.6%, although a majority of that change was from currency fluctuation.

Profits (earnings per share) were down 18%.  The company warned of sales and profit declines in December (see "Games Workshop Says Sales Meeting Expectations").

But the first half of the company’s fiscal 2015 was a lot better than its results for the year ended June 1, 2014, for which sales were down 8.2% (North America was down 7.5%), and profits down 50% (see "Games Workshop Sales, Profits Decline").

It’s yet to be seen whether Games Workshop’s “one-man stores” can work as a format in North America, with consumers used to long, convenient hours in which to shop.  But there’s some excitement around the product, in particular Warhammer Fantasy, which is reviving after a long doldrums in North America.  So even if Games Workshop’s own stores continue to decline, independent retailers appear to be poised to garner sales increases in the coming months.