Main cover
Valiant’s recently announced Book of Death summer event (see "Valiant Announces Summer Event Series") will involve the death of several major characters, featured in the four-part Book of Death miniseries, as well as four one-shot comics.

Nord variant
Book of Death is going to reveal glimpses of the future of the Valiant Universe and, with it, many of the monumental events and occurrences that our heroes will face," Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani said.  "Major characters will die, while others will be introduced for the very first time."

Crain variant
The last of the Geomancers and her protector, the Eternal Warrior, must face off against the entire Valiant Universe to stop the Dark Age that threatens to eclipse the world.  Since the Book of the Geomancer has recorded all events-past and future- the Geomancer already knows how everyone will die.

Kevic-Djurdjevic variant
The four-part
Book of Death miniseries will be written by Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar, Green Lantern), with art by Robert Gill (Armor Hunters: Harbringer, Batgirl) and Doug Braithwaite (Armor Hunters).  Covers for issue #1 will be provided by Gill, Cary Nord, Clayton Crain, Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Pere Perez, and Paolo Rivera.

Death of Bloodshot teaser art
The four one-shots will detail the demise of Bloodshot, Ninjak, Harbringer, and X-O Manowar. 
The Fall of Bloodshot will arrive in July, written by Jeff Lemire, with art by Doug Braithwaite.  The Fall of Ninjak will arrive in August, written by Matt Kindt, with art by Trevor Hairsine.  The Fall of Harbringer  will arrive in September, written by Joshua Dysart, with art by Kano.  The Fall of X-O Manowar will arrive in October, written by Robert Venditti, with art by Clayton Henry.