Hound's Tooth
Fantasy Flight Games announced the upcoming Wave VII expansion packs for its popular Star Wars: X-Wing miniatures game will include a release for each of the game’s three factions. The expansions will release in Q3.

The Scum and Villainy faction joined the game with Wave VI (see “New 'Scum and Villainy' Faction for 'Star Wars: X-Wing'”), and this wave includes two ships for the faction: the YV-666 light freighter, and the Kihraxz assault fighter.   The Hound’s Tooth Expansion Pack includes a modified YV-666 light freighter, the vessel of bounty hunter Trandoshan Bossk, as well as four ship cards, a new mission, and 13 upgrades. MSRP is $39.95. The Kihraxz Fighter Expansion Pack includes a Kihraxz assault figure developed for the Black Sun crime syndicate. The expansion pack includes the pre-painted mini, four ship cards, five upgrades, a maneuver dial and tokens.  MSRP is $14.95.

For the Rebel Alliance, the K-wing Expansion Pack has arrived. The heavily armed bomber can be used as an escort or a reconnaissance ship. The K-Wing includes the new SLAM action, which allows the ship to speed across the battlefield and deploy its bombs at high speeds. The pack includes the ship miniature, four ship cards, and nine upgrades. MSRP is $19.95.

TIE Punisher
For the Imperial Navy, the new TIE Punisher Expansion Pack offers a stronger version of the TIE bomber. The pack includes the miniature, four ship cards, and nine upgrades. MSRP is $19.95.

Star Wars: X-Wing ranked #2 on ICv2’s most recent hobby channel non-collectible mini games chart (see “Top 5 Non-Collectible Miniature Games--Fall/Holiday 2014”).